Our research interests use organic synthesis to make small molecules, which can be utilised to understand and exploit biological systems. Current research projects are shown below.

We collaborate with many chemical companies and academic groups around the world. The scientific education of group members in organic synthesis is given a high priority; however, they are encouraged also to learn new techniques relating to their projects with our industrial and academic collaborators. Every effort is made so that group members achieve their career ambitions, usually jobs in academia or the chemical industries.

If you are excited by the work we are doing and would like to join us then look at the research opportunities available.

We are extremely fortunate, and grateful, that this research is funded by research councils (A*Star, BBSRC, DAAD, EPSRC, ERC, EU, MRC), charities (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CRUK, Cambridge Trusts, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Frances and Augustus Newman Foundation, Isaac Newton Trust, Royal Society & Wellcome Trust) and industry (currently AZ, Bicycle Therapeutics & Novo Nordisk).





Spring Group Compound Collection